Sample PREA-related policies and PREA policy development guides.

TGNCI Model Policy

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This guide discusses PREA standards relevant to Trans/Gender Non-conforming/Intersex youth populations governing a range of practices, including risk assessment, housing and classification, searches, and privacy. This new resource offers practical policies that operationalize the standards and provide clear guidance to facility staff about promoting the safety and well-being of TGNCI residents.

PREA Reporting Flow Charts

These visual aids created by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections provide information on the process of investigations for inmate-on-inmate and staff-on-inmate incidents of sexual abuse.

PREA Brochures and Posters: Sexual Assault and Custodial Sexual Misconduct

This brochure from the Washington Department of Corrections provides information on PREA for inmates in the form of a brochure and poster. There are versions of each resource in English and Spanish.

This resource may be used as a sample by other agencies or facilities for creating similar resources.