PREA Legal Landscape Series: Part 3 - Prosecution of Sexual Abuse in Custody

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Brenda V. Smith, American University

The PRC is proud to announce the new PREA legal landscape webinar series with Professor Brenda V. Smith of Smith Consulting, former commissioner for the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission. Beginning in February 2021, this webinar series will examine how PREA has altered the legal landscape for stakeholders affected by the Act and its Standards, by examining the following topics: prisoner litigation, employment litigation issues, and prosecution of sexual abuse in custody. Agency and facility leaders as well as certified PREA auditors will benefit from this series.

The third and final webinar in the series will examine the criminal prosecution of perpetrators of sexual abuse of victims in custody. This webinar will also explore the following questions:

  • What investigation processes and evidence collection have led to prosecution and conviction of staff and incarcerated perpetrators?
  • What roles do PREA training and education play in the detection and prosecution of these perpetrators?
  • What are some best practices in working with prosecutors and law enforcement when agencies refer cases for prosecution?

Webinar attendees will:

  • Learn the criminal justice landscape after PREA: laws across the country criminalizing sexual abuse in confinement settings.
  • Learn how to employ training and education as effective tools in the detection and prosecution of sexual abuse.
  • Learn best practices in agency responding to the prosecution of staff for sexual abuse. 

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There will be a final live 90 minute Q&A session with Professor Smith on May 26, 2021. During this session, Professor Smith will be answering pre-submitted questions covering all three parts in the series. Questions should be submitted in advance, no later than COB May 21, 2021 to

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