PREA and Victim Services in Prisons Part II: Getting to Work

Date / Time
Cynthia Totten, Senior Program Director, Just Detention International
Derek Murray, Senior Program Officer, Just Detention International
Gwyn Smith-Downes, Senior Program Director, Just Detention International
Linda McFarlane, Deputy Executive Director, Just Detention International
Karin Stone, Director of Client Services, Women’s Center High Desert
Joseph Gutierrez, Associate Warden, California Correctional Institution

In this new PREA Resource Center and JDI webinar, corrections officials will learn how to develop – and carry out – plans for responding to sexual abuse. The training will focus on how to coordinate the actions of staff working inside a facility, such as staff first responders and management, and those based outside of it, such as victim advocates and other health care professionals. There will also be a section devoted to explaining the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) and crisis intervention models, and their effectiveness as a tool for preventing and responding to abuse in a detention setting.

The webinar will provide training on the following skills: complying with national protocols for trauma-informed care; building corrections-community partnerships; and creating memoranda of understanding with service providers. Each of these issues will be presented with the finalized Prison Rape Elimination Act standards in mind, specifically those sections addressing institutional response to sexual abuse.  

The webinar will offer several examples of successful partnerships between corrections facilities and community service providers, and will feature a conversation between a community rape crisis advocate and corrections official. This discussion will address concerns about the safety of advocates who work behind bars and on maintaining inmate confidentiality. There will be a question-and-answer session at the end of the training.

Who Should Attend:
Institutional Corrections, Police, Prosecution, Civic Organization, Non-profit Organization, Treatment Professional, Other (Rape Crisis Centers and Coalitions)

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