Keeping Vulnerable Populations Safe Under PREA: Alternative Strategies to the Use of Segregation in Prisons and Jails

Date / Time

Allison Hastings, Senior Policy Analyst, Vera Institute of Justice
Michela Bowman, Co-Director, National PREA Resource Center

Content of the Webinar:
The Vera Institute of Justice, in collaboration with the National PREA Resource Center, presents a webinar to introduce a new resource on how to keep vulnerable populations safe under PREA. Presenters will discuss the PREA standards that place restrictions on the use of involuntary protective custody and walk participants through a new implementation guide that provides strategies for prisons and jails on how to safely house inmates at risk of sexual abuse without isolating them.

Who Should Attend:
Agency and facility administrators and staff from state departments of corrections, jails, juvenile agencies, community corrections agencies, and lockups. PREA Coordinators and PREA Compliance Managers are encouraged to attend.