Evidence Collection Resources for PREA Auditors and Facilities

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Marion Morgan, PRC Associate Director

The PRC is happy to announce the release of new resources for auditors and agencies to include four sets of Document Review Worksheets. These resources were created for the Field Training Program and recently revised for broader use by auditors and agencies/facilities. Auditors can find them on the Auditor Portal and agencies/facilities can locate them on the PRC website in the library section website after the live webinar. The resources are optional resources and their use is at the discretion of the auditor as well as the agencies/facilities.

Each of the four sets of document review worksheets contains a Document Review Worksheet for Employee/Volunteer/Contractor Records, Inmate Records or Resident Records, Investigation & Response Records, and Sexual Abuse Incident Review Records. Each set of worksheets corresponds with one of the four facility types. The worksheets will aid a facility in the identification and collection of the proof documentation an auditor needs to audit the standards and will assist an auditor in the review of that proof documentation.

On 10/28/2021, the PRC hosted a live 90-minute webinar to introduce and share these resources with auditors and agencies/facilities. During the webinar, speakers showcased the worksheets with explanations of how both auditors and facility staff can utilize the resources to aid in their audit preparation.