Cross-Gender Supervision and Legal Liability

Date / Time
Webinar Location
Prof. Brenda V. Smith, Director
The Project on Addressing Prison Rape

Content of the Webinar:
This webinar focuses on the legal liability of agencies and staff when engaging in cross-gender supervision and searches of people in custody. During the webinar, Prof. Smith will: (1) review the legal issues involved in cross gender supervision and searches including the national PREA Standards and applicable state and federal laws; (2) illustrate legal liability in different settings and scenarios using case law decisions; (3) discuss different elements of liability for municipalities, officials, individuals and staff; and (4) identify steps agencies can take to address potential liability.

Who Should Attend:
This webinar is open to all correctional professionals from adult prisons and jails, lockups, juvenile justice agencies and community corrections facilities, as well as civil litigation attorneys, prosecutors and community advocates.

How to Register:
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We will be taking pre-submitted questions for this webinar. You can submit questions to [email protected] until 5pm EST on Friday June 20, 2014. Preference will be given to these questions.  We will take real time questions as time permits during the session.

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