Committing to Safety and Respect for LGBTI Youth and Adults in Correctional Settings: Lessons From the Field

Date / Time
Lorie Brisbin, Correctional Program Specialist, National Institute of Corrections
Anne Elwart, Probation Manager, William F. James Boys Ranch, California
Major Debra Schmidt, Justice Management Bureau Commander, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Texas

The Vera Institute of Justice, in collaboration with the National PREA Resource Center, presents a webinar on committing to a culture of safety and respect for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) youth and adults in correctional institutions. In this webinar, Lorie Brisbin, a National Institute of Corrections correctional program specialist, will discuss the importance of having strong policies and practices geared toward keeping LGBTI adults and youth safe. Anne Elwart, probation manager at the William F. James Boys Ranch in Santa Clara County, California, and Major Debra Schmidt from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Texas will discuss steps their agencies have taken to create cultures of safety and respect for LGBTI people in their custody.

Please note: Our video recording recording offers excerpts from the full webinar. The complete set of slides from the webinar are available in the PDF powerpoint slides.