The Auditor Handbook Isn't Just for Auditors: Tips for Agencies/Facilities Undergoing PREA Compliance Audits

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American Jail Association

Confinement facilities must undergo formal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) compliance audits once during each three-year audit cycle in order to remain compliant with PREA. This interactive webinar will give agency and facility staff assigned to PREA-related duties an opportunity to learn about and discuss the Department of Justice (DOJ) PREA Auditor Handbook (handbook), which is a critical audit preparation resource that many practitioners overlook, assuming it is only helpful to auditors. The webinar will offer insight into how staff can use the handbook as a tool for supporting their ongoing sexual safety efforts under PREA.

The webinar will be facilitated by two practitioners with experience evaluating, training, implementing, and auditing the PREA Standards. The two practitioners will offer guidance on how the handbook can provide an advantage to agency/facility staff in their preparation for each stage of a PREA audit. The information provided during the workshop can be shared with their other staff and key leadership.  

Learning Objectives: 

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Learn core auditing topics, key information, and resources outlined in the DOJ PREA Auditor Handbook that can benefit agencies/facilities undergoing PREA audits.
  • Identify the audit process methodology expectations that PREA auditors apply to determine agency/facility compliance with the PREA Standards. 
  • Gain knowledge of the audit process, auditor core activities, and documentation agencies/facilities must produce as part of a PREA audit.


Monica DiGiandomenico, Senior Program Specialist, National PREA Resource Center

Kristi Dietz, CEO, Justice Matters, LLC