In order to comply with standard 115.41(a) & (b), are there any circumstances when an inmate might be held at a facility for a short period of time, but longer than 72-hours, or transferred to another facility within the same agency after spending a short period of time at the first facility, and a PREA screening or re-screening would not be required?


No. An initial PREA screening must be conducted during all intake screenings, which should ordinarily occur within 72 hours, and upon transfer to another facility. However, according to the preamble of the PREA standards Notice of Final Rule, a facility “is free to rely on information previously gathered with regard to a returning inmate” if the facility ensures “that its assessment captures any changes in risk factors that may have occurred subsequent to the facility’s prior gathering of information regarding that inmate.” See Vol. 77, Federal Register, No. 119, p. 37150.