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Request Access or Initiate an Audit

Audit Initiation Form - An Audit Initiation Form must be completed to initiate an audit in, and request user access to, the Online Audit System (OAS). Once an agency/facility has scheduled an audit with a certified auditor and the two parties have agreed to conduct this audit using the OAS, a requestor must complete and submit the Audit Initiation Form. The form can be completed by an authorized representative of the agency or facility being audited or by the auditor. For more information about the OAS Audit Initiation Process, click here.

Auditors: Please note, regardless of whether a facility or agency representative completes the Audit Initiation Form to initiate the audit in the OAS, all lead auditors are also required to submit the Audit Initiation Form at least 30 days prior to the start date of the onsite portion of the audit for each audit they conduct. Completion of the Audit Initiation Form by the agency or facility does not replace an auditor's responsibility to also complete the Audit Initiation Form.  The purpose of this is to ensure accurate data collection and monitoring of audit activity. 

To access the OAS Audit Initiation Form click here.