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This feature of the PRC’s website seeks to support confinement facility and agency efforts toward PREA compliance by providing detailed information about the audit instrument, the audit process, and auditor certification. The PRC will also use this section to provide continuing guidance from the Department of Justice related to the audit process.

All confinement facilities covered under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards must be audited at least once during every three-year audit cycle to be considered compliant with the PREA standards, with at least one third of each facility type operated by an agency, or private organization on behalf of an agency, audited each year of the three-year audit cycle. These include adult prisons and jails, juvenile facilities, lockups (housing detainees overnight), and community confinement facilities, whether operated by the Department of Justice or unit of a state, local, corporate, or nonprofit authority.

Audits will be conducted using an instrument developed by the PREA Resource Center in conjunction with the Department of Justice. You can find an instrument for each set of standards in two ways. To access hard copies of the audit instruments for each set of standards, click here. Electronic versions of the audit instruments can be accessed through the Online Audit System, for more information click here.

Each agency seeking PREA compliance will be responsible for contracting with or otherwise securing the services of one or more DOJ-Certified Auditors to schedule audits for each of its facilities during the three-year audit cycle. You can find more information on the audit process here, and a list of DOJ-Certified Auditors here.

For more information on PREA audit requirements, please review §§115.401-405 and the FAQ page.

Qualified individuals are encouraged to submit applications to become Department of Justice Certified PREA Auditors.

For more information on applying to become a PREA Auditor, including auditor qualifications, click here.

If you have any questions regarding the PREA Audit process, click here to contact the PRC.