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PREA Standards in Focus

PREA Standards in Focus is designed to provide a quick synopsis of a PREA standard, the intent and purpose, implementation tips, challenges, and a few audit issues related to the standard to assist in further awareness and education. FAQs and resources are directly linked to provide ease of access and bundle in one place. 

We encourage you to share this new feature with your colleagues and prepare a binder to download and catalog the Standards in Focus documents for your office as they become available. As a best practice, we recommend supervisors and key leadership include this as an agenda item at staff and management meetings to encourage discussion and promote good correctional practice. We hope this serves as a helpful guide to ongoing education and sustainability. If further questions arise, please follow up via the PREA Resource Center at Contact Us.

PREA Standard in Focus 115.11 Zero tolerance of sexual abuse and sexual harassment; PREA coordinator

PREA Standard in Focus 115.12 Contracting with other entities for the confinement of inmates

PREA Standard in Focus 115.13 Supervision and monitoring (Updated 02/2018 to include new FAQ)

PREA Standard in Focus 115.14 Youthful inmates

PREA Standard in Focus 115.15 Limits to cross-gender viewing and searches

PREA Standard in Focus 115.16 Inmates with disabilities and inmates who are limited English proficient

PREA Standard in Focus 115.17 Hiring and promotion decisions

PREA Standard in Focus 115.18 Upgrades to facilities and technologies

PREA Standard in Focus 115.21 Evidence protocol and forensic medical examinations

PREA Standard in Focus 115.22 Policies to ensure referrals of allegations for investigations

PREA Standard in Focus 115.31 Employee training

PREA Standard in Focus 115.41 Screening for risk of victimization and abusiveness

PREA Standard in Focus 115.51 Inmate reporting

PREA Standard in Focus 115.71 Criminal and administrative agency investigations

PREA Standard in Focus 115.82 Access to emergency medical and mental health services