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PREA Power Hour: Chat with an Expert on PREA Standard 115.31

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Take advantage of an opportunity to delve a little deeper regarding lingering questions you may have about the PREA Standards in Focus – 115.31: Employee Training.

The presenter for this webinar is Michele Luecking-Sunman, Senior Program Specialist at the National PREA Resource Center. Lisa Capers, Senior Program Manger served as an advisor for this webinar.  

PREA Standards in Focus is a feature we have highlighted on our website for the past year. It is designed to provide a quick synopsis of a PREA standard, the intent and purpose, implementation tips, challenges, and a few audit issues related to the standard to assist in further awareness and education. FAQs and resources are directly linked to provide ease of access and bundle in one place.

We encourage you to share this webinar with your colleagues to join the discussion and use it as an opportunity for ongoing education, a staff meeting, etc.