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How the PREA Standards for Lockups Impact Local Law Enforcement

Date / Time
Webinar Host
International Association of Chiefs of Police
Presenter (s)
Dominick Liberatore, Project Assistant, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
Mike McCampbell, Managing Director, Center for Innovative Public Policies (CIPP)
John Letteney, Chief of Police, Apex, NC

Content of the Webinar:
This webinar focuses on the national PREA standards for lockups and the implications of those standards for local law enforcement. The webinar will include: information about what kinds of facilities the lockup standards apply to; implications for liability and benefits of compliance; a review of the PREA standards; how to address sexual abuse in confinement including officer perpetrated abuse; and information about PREA audits. Resources specific to police and sheriffs with lockups/temporary holding facilities will also be discussed.

Who Should Attend:
This webinar is open to all law enforcement leaders who have a lockup (single cell, cell blocks, court holding cells, or other secure enclosures) within their facility, as well as any other stakeholder in a position to share this information with law enforcement (including civilian law enforcement planners and accreditation managers).

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