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Pretrial Motions: Admitting and Excluding Evidence in the Prosecution of Sexual Abuse in Confinement

Date / Time
Presenter (s)
Viktoria Kristiansson, Attorney Advisor, Aequitas

Content of the Webinar:
Experienced prosecutors know that pretrial motions play a critical role in the outcome of sexual abuse cases. Prosecutors must be diligent about anticipating, filing, and responding to a multitude of pretrial motions in every sexual violence case. For cases involving sexual abuse in confinement, many of the same pretrial motions apply, in addition to motions that are directly related to confinement, including, for example, motions involving the criminal records of the defendant or victim, prison files, and other behavior or character evidence. Particularly in sexual abuse cases, prosecutors need to be proactive in filing motions to exclude irrelevant and misleading information and to admit crucial evidence in their case-in-chief.

Who Should Attend:
Prosecutors and allied criminal justice professionals including but not limited to adult and juvenile corrections staff, community-based service providers, faith-based service providers, medical and mental health practitioners, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, probation and parole officers, judges, etc.