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Responding to Sexual Abuse of Inmates in Custody: Addressing the Needs of Men, Women and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals

Date / Time
Presenter (s)
Prof. Brenda V. Smith, Director, The Project on Addressing Prison Rape
Content of the Webinar:

During the webinar, Professor Smith will: (1) review the applicable PREA Standards for responding to sexual abuse in custody and their gender impact; (2) review the dynamics of custodial sexual abuse for men, women and gender non-conforming populations; (3) identify the components of institutional culture and their impact on sexual abuse of inmates; and (4) discuss immediate and long-term medical and mental health care needs of inmate victims of sexual abuse.

Who Should Attend:
This webinar is open to all correctional professionals from adult prisons and jails, lock-ups, and community corrections facilities, as well as civil litigation attorneys, prosecutors and community advocates.
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