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Testimonials from previous host facilities:

"The Field Training Program enabled the facility to identify key issues prior to the actual PREA audit in May 2019. The identification of deficiencies, by the Field Training Program, enabled us to take a hard look at our current practices and evaluate the need for change."

- SCI Pine Grove


"The PRC Field Training Program is a great learning tool, not only for the auditor trainees but for facility staff as well.  We hope to be able to participate in the FTP again in the future."

- Baker County Detention Center


"The Alameda County Sheriff's Office, accredited by several accrediting agencies, including the American Correctional Association, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, and the National Commission for Correctional Health Care, was the first agency in the country to host an FTP training audit. This was the most in-depth audit we have ever experienced. While we thought we were fully prepared for an audit, the FTP showed us how far away we really were. At the end of the audit, we received a report containing input from all seven participating auditors. The direct result of the FTP was a successful audit of the Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility, and Santa Rita Jail is scheduled for August 2016, where we expect equal success."

- Jason Arbuckle, Compliance Lieutenant, Alameda County Sheriff's Office


"The Field Training Program was absolutely invaluable to the facility, our agency, and to me as a PREA Coordinator. Being able to observe how a PREA audit is 'supposed to look' not only helped us know what to expect in a compliance audit, but helped us learn about PREA overall as well. I would recommend that any facility, whether it has been through a PREA audit or not, request to be a part of this outstanding experience."

- Scott Patterson, Senior Director of Compliance and Audits and certified PREA Auditor, West Virginia Division of Corrections


"When the opportunity to participate in the FTP training audit was presented to Lafayette Parish Correctional Center, we had no idea how monumental it would be for our facility and our agency as a whole. The five days onsite made us realize that this was unlike any other audit we had participated in before. The chance to participate in this training audit not only helped us in regard to PREA, but gave us a direct insight into some areas in our facility that needed special attention or might require our staff to receive additional training. We now continue to use the feedback received during the training audit to stress the importance of sexual safety in corrections and move forward with our goal to become 100% PREA compliant. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program and hope other facilities will take advantage of this remarkable program."

- Juliet Stern, Accreditation Sergeant and certified PREA Auditor, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office