More details about the OAS

The PREA Online Audit System (OAS) is designed to help agencies, facilities, and auditors to streamline, organize, and automate much of the PREA audit process in a secure, user-friendly environment. The OAS is built in a secure environment that meets rigorous federal security requirements mandated by the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and provides a safe electronic platform for agencies/facilities and auditors to communicate and share information securely. Agencies/facilities can upload sensitive audit documentation, including documentation that contains personally identifying information (PII) or personal health information (PHI); and auditors are able to access and review this documentation directly within the secure environment. This eliminates the need to use less secure means of communication and information exchange. The OAS also enables useful storage features, such as a document library and links of documents to relevant Standards, which helps to streamline the audit process. 

Additional information on how to use the system, system features, and available training webinars can be accessed in the Resources section in the Auditor Portal. User guides and contact information for technology support can also be accessed below.

You will also find a short video below that introduces the OAS and explains its basic functions and features. Auditors should note that the video is also one part of a required course accessible on the PRC Training and Resource Portal.