New resource and webinar

Developing a PREA-Compliant Language Access Plan for Incarcerated People Who Are Limited English Proficient, produced by the Vera Institute of Justice, describes what language access is and why it matters, and provides concrete steps for how correctional agencies can craft language access plans and engage interpreters and translators that are consistent with requirements in the National Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape (often called the “PREA Standards”).

The Center on Victimization and Safety at the Vera Institute of Justice, in collaboration with the PREA Resource Center (PRC), presents a webinar to introduce this new resource. During this webinar, presenters Allison Hastings and Jannette Brickman from Vera will discuss the PREA requirements, provide an overview of language access and why it matters, and walk participants through the steps in the new guide for creating PREA-compliant language access plans. We encourage you to invite your colleagues to join the discussion and use it as an opportunity for ongoing education. Check out the new resource and register for the webinar.