PREA Poster Templates

These posters are intended to provide information on an individual’s right to report, how to report, and access to victim support services. The posters were created in a range of sizes and designed to allow facilities to modify them to make them facility-specific. Instructions for how to modify the template and how to print for best results are included. 

Making PREA and Victim Services Accessible for Incarcerated People With Disabilities: An Implementation Guide for Practitioners on the Adult and Juvenile Standards

The PREA Resource Center and the Vera Institute of Justice have released a new resource guide on how to make PREA and victim services accessible for people with disabilities. The guide was developed in order to raise awareness around what is meant by “disabilities” and how to meet the needs of people with disabilities within confinement facilities to ensure access to information and resources and create sexually safe environments.

Guidance in Cross-Gender and Transgender Pat Searches

The PRC, along with its partner, The Moss Group, Inc., has released an instructional video and facilitator’s guide on conducting professional and respectful cross-gender pat searches and pat searches of transgender inmates. The Moss Group, Inc., and PRC produced this resource in an effort to support agency compliance with the PREA standards. However, the standards do not require the usage of any specific vendor or curricula, including those produced by the PRC.

Keeping Vulnerable Populations Safe under PREA: Alternative Strategies to the Use of Segregation in Prisons and Jails

The guide provides strategies for safely housing inmates at risk of sexual abuse without isolating them. The promising strategies included in the guide aim to not only protect individuals from abusers, but also ensure equal access to programming and health and mental health services, and congregate opportunities.

Fact Sheet on STOP Violence Against Women Formula Funds and PREA Reduction/Reallocation

States that do not comply with the standards issued under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) are subject to a 4.75 percent reallocation or reduction in STOP Violence Against Women Formula Program (STOP Program) funds. This fact sheet explains the process and provides further information regarding that reallocation/reduction.