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Sample PREA-related policies and PREA policy development guides.
08 Nov 2012

A Quick Guide for LGBTI Policy Development for Adult Prisons and Jails

Authors: The Moss Group, National Institute of Corrections

This Quick Guide will help agencies and facilities develop a comprehensive response to working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) inmates. It is not meant to provide an answer to every question or an in-depth discussion of all issues that agencies face or that the LGBTI population faces while in custody. It provides an overview of the important issues that agencies should consider when working to house and treat LGBTI inmates in a way that is safe and consistent with an agency’s mission, values, and security guidelines … This Quick Guide is organized chronologically according to the decisions an agency will have to make before and at the point when an LGBTI individual enters the system. These areas of focus include: Assessment of Agency Culture (as relates to LGBTI individuals); Assessment of Agency Staff and Administration Knowledge and Attitudes; Examination of Current Relevant Agency Norms; Development and Implementation Mechanisms; Development of Awareness of Current Legal Responsibilities; Foundational Issues; Intake Screening/Risk Assessment; Classification and Housing Placement; Medical and Mental Health Care; Information Management; Group Inmate Management; Specific Safety and Privacy Concerns for Transgender and Intersex Inmates; and Staff, Volunteer, and Contractor Training Requirements

22 May 2012

PREA Readiness Webinar - Arlington County Jail [Slides]

Authors: National PREA Resource Center, Vera Institute for Justice

These are the slides from the PRC's second PREA In Action Webinar Series hosted by the PRC and the Vera Institute for Justice.  

See the webinar recording at the PRC webinar archive.

01 Dec 2011

Preventing Violence and Sexual Assault in Jail: A Situational Crime Prevention Approach

Authors: Nancy G. La Vigne, Sara Debus-Sherrill, Diana Brazzell, P. Mitchell Downey, Urban Institute

With help from Urban Institute researchers, three county jails adopted strategies to prevent sexual assault and violence among inmates by increasing the effort required to commit violent acts and by making perpetrators more likely to get caught. Rather than changing the underlying motivation behind offending behavior, these strate- gies used a situational crime prevention approach to change the environment and how it is managed, closing off opportunities for crime (Clarke 1997). Fewer triggers and opportunities to commit violence should translate into fewer offenses—and the jail environment is, in most cases, easier to control than individual behavior.

01 Mar 2011

Inmate Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Assault Procedure 5-229

Authors: Arlington County Sheriff’s Office

This document defines and outlines the policies and procedure for inmate sexual misconduct and sexual assault for the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office.

02 Jan 2011

Staff Emergency Procedures Pocket Guide

Authors: Arlington County Sheriff’s Office

This guide provides various staff checklists for inmates of the Arlington County Detention Facility. These relate to inmate injury or death/suicide, communicable diseases, mass arrests, and PREA investigations, among others.

01 May 2010

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Authors: Arlington County Sheriff’s Office

This document contains the code of ethics and conduct for employees of the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office. Policy, definitions and procedures are included.

01 May 2007

Promising Practices to Prevent Inmate Sexual Assaults

Authors: Colorado Department of Public Safety

Strategies for preventing inmate sexual assaults in the San Francisco County Jail are related. This publication contains these sections: the San Francisco County Jail—a model for protecting inmates; consistency in leadership and vision; employee hiring and training; staff diversity; objective jail classification system; investigation process; San Francisco Sheriff’s Department Sexual Assault Policy; collaboration with the legal system; direct supervision; inmate programming; recommendations; Logic Model: San Francisco Sheriff’s Jail; and summary.

01 Jan 2006

Reporting Sexual Misconduct Brochure

Authors: Arlington County Detention Facility

This brochure explains definitions and procedures around reporting sexual misconduct perpetrated against inmates for the Arlington County Detention Facility. Resources and appropriate facility contacts are included.

23 Aug 2002

Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates: Policy Development Guide for Sheriffs and Jail Administrators

Authors: Susan W. McCampbell, Larry S. Fischer

Description: Tools to assess an organization and implement strategies to prevent staff sexual misconduct in a jail setting are provided. The following sections comprise this document: introduction; using this guide; how to know if an agency needs a policy -- what staff sexual misconduct is, definitions, red flags, and writing policies and procedures; and agency triage -- administrative and management practices, security and supervision, investigations, and inmate programming.

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